Elena Ageyeva | Photographer & crafter


I am a Friendly, Creative, Reliable, Fun and Observant person

I have six years of experience as a photographer, four of which I have spent in the greatest place I have visited so far – University of Oxford. The city itself is very inspiring and even though there was a lot of studying involved, I continued to do photography and met a lot of wonderful people, most of which you can see in my Gallery.
I am always trying to make photoshoots fun and interesting, which means that even if people have no experience of being in front of camera, they feel relaxed and enjoy the process. I think this is an important part of the photographer’s job and I am always doing my best to make sure the person in front of the camera is happy.

What I like most about being a photographer is people. I love taking people out for photowalks and getting to know them better while capturing their emotions. I try to reflect a true character of the person I am photographing and I am known to be quite good at that:)

I prefer colour photos, because I absolutely love colours, all of them. So when I am doing post-processing, colours are something that gets a lot of my attention. Black and white photography creates a completely different mood, so I sometimes use it if I feel that it will enhance the overall atmosphere of the picture.

I have worked at quite a few events – as Oxford University Russian Society Photographer and also doing some of my own assignments, including weddings, balls, parties and presentations.

I am also interested in paper-crafting, reading, writing short stories to mention just a few.

I like long walks (especially with my camera), good music and cats

I do not like being cold:)

If you have any other questions, please Contact me